Customized Smart Water Tank Management System

Product Description:

Customized Smart Water Tank (CWT) Management System from IoTtech Smart Product Company — a bespoke solution designed to meet your unique water management needs. Engineered for multiple-tank applications, this customizable system offers a seamless blend of automation and manual control, ensuring optimal efficiency without the need for a dedicated app. With features like automatic motor control, LED indicators for intuitive monitoring, and compatibility with various motor setups, the CWT is a tailored water management solution that puts you in control.

Key Features:

  • Automatic and Manual Tank Filling:
    • Effortless filling of the overhead single water tank, with both automatic and manual options to suit your preferences.
  • Smart Automation:
    • Automatic motor shutdown when the tank reaches full capacity.
    • Automatic motors start when the tank needs replenishing.
  • Indicator with LED Indicators:
    • Clear and customizable LED indicators provide instant visual feedback on tank status.
    • Easily monitor your water levels with precision.
  • Water and Energy Conservation:
    • Actively contributes to water and electricity conservation.
    • Customizable settings allow for tailored resource usage based on your specific requirements.
  • Easy Installation:
    • Hassle-free setup for quick and straightforward installation.
    • Designed for user convenience, accessible to varying technical expertise levels.
  • MCB Starter Compatibility:
    • Easily connects with any MCB starter, ensuring compatibility with your existing electrical setup.
    • Simplifies integration into your current infrastructure.
  • Versatile Motor Compatibility:
    • Compatible with single-phase motors, offering flexibility for various motor configurations.
    • Ideal for submersibles, accommodating diverse water pumping needs.
    • Customized Water Management System:
    • Tailored to meet your specific requirements.
    • Every aspect of the system can be customized to align with your unique needs and preferences.

The Customized Smart Water Tank Management System represents a new era in personalized water management. Contact IOTtech Smart Product Company today to explore how this system can be tailored to meet your exact specifications, providing you with a solution that's as unique as your water management needs.



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