Smart Submersible Controller



• Basic Plus (support up to 99Amp)

• Control all types of three Phase submersible Pumps (up to 99 Amp) through mobile app

• Detection of three phase electricity voltage, current (Amp) and sequence display on mobile app.

• Inbuilt switch to start the submersible pump manually or automatic.

• Dry run protection.

• 3 Phase sequence checking system to prevent damage or burning of pump.

• Proper 3 phase supply checking system.

• Easy wireless (Wi-Fi)/ wired registration.

• Mobile app OR device based switch (manual) working.

• Check availability of 3 phase voltage on site also.

• Running time and load consumption of pump visible on your smart Phone (current)

• Scheduling of submersible pump for irrigation or water supply;

• Timer (On time & Off time), one for switching on and another for off pump.

• Scheduler (Duration): Automatic irrigation by scheduling duration.

• Automatic detection of electricity and Wi-Fi connectivity on mobile app.

• Display of humidity and temperature of field on mobile app for weather forecast, with additional device, if required.

• Easy transfer of control to others through scanning of QR code.

• Voice control through mobile app.

• Information of all agriculture related updates, Government schemes and news on the dashboard of mobile app

• History of working of submersible on mobile app.


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