Smart Submersible Controller-Basic Single Phase

Product Description:

Introducing the SMART SUBMERSIBLE CONTROLLER-BASIC SINGLE PHASE, a MAKE IN INDIA device tailored for submersible and tube wells, and motor pumps up to 100HP. This device offers a one-year warranty, ensuring reliability and longevity. Operated through 4G Wi-Fi, it comes with a complimentary Wi-Fi router under the current scheme. With a focus on user-friendly features, this controller simplifies connection and installation, offering audio, video, and manual assistance when needed.

Main Features:

  • Make In India Device:
    • Proudly designed and manufactured in India, ensuring quality and contributing to the local economy.
  • Wide Motor Compatibility:
    • Compatible with submersible and tube wells, as well as motor pumps up to 100HP, providing versatility for various applications.
  • Free Wi-Fi Router:
    • Comes with a free Wi-Fi router under the present scheme, enhancing connectivity and ease of use.
  • CCTV Camera Integration:
    • Utilize Wi-Fi connectivity to install CCTV cameras for added security, providing flexibility for user requirements.
  • Easy Connection and Installation:
    • Simplified connection process with audio, video, and manual assistance, ensuring ease of installation.
  • Mobile App Operation:
    • Operate submersible and motor pumps remotely through the mobile app, offering convenience and control from anywhere.
  • Power Outage Notification:
    • Receive real-time notifications on the mobile app whenever power is restored.
  • Multi-User Access:
    • Grant permission for multiple users to operate the mobile app, ensuring collaborative control.
  • Timer and Duration Modes:
    • Timer mode starts and stops the motor at specified times.
    • Duration mode allows the motor to run continuously for a specified duration, even in the event of power interruptions.
  • Voice Command Control:
    • Turn off the submersible by voice command (Google Assistant) through the mobile app, adding a hands-free option.
  • Multi-Language App Support:
    • The app is available in Hindi, English, and other languages, catering to a diverse user base.
  • Agriculture Information Hub:
    • Access weather forecasts, crop and farming information, and daily agriculture news through the mobile app.
  • Government Scheme Updates:
    • Stay informed about government schemes and modern agriculture practices related to farming through the mobile app.

The SMART SUBMERSIBLE CONTROLLER-BASIC SINGLE PHASE is not just a controller; it's a comprehensive solution designed to enhance control, efficiency, and information access for agricultural and water management needs



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